Pfaelzer Hof Residencies are pleased to invite you to this art project, a former hotel and home – a townscape and a woodland nature experience. Pfaelzer Hof Residencies is an emergent live event as well as individually planned artist’s and writer’s residencies. These can be self-initiated or in response to our calls. We also collaborate to create workshops, curate exhibitions or an event specific to your group’s needs.

Visitors should request an invitation to reserve a place or to attend.

The artworks presented in this exhibition have been shaped and inspired by the cultural exchange between three international artists  (Argentina, Canada and UK) and the local environments of Idar-Oberstein. They have been produced in less than two weeks, resulting in a rare opportunity to witness the artistic process in a raw form, in the environment where it was created. All the work shown is WIP – Work in Progress. All three artists have used local up-cycled materials in the making of this work.  All three artists address the themes of environment in their work in different capacities and from different angles.







Credits / Picture /Text Copyrights: Amber Burrow-Goldhahn, Ryan Lee Boutlbee, Marula Di Como, Kelsey Harrison, Eila Goldhahn, Eberhard Kranemann, Nina Mischler, Yulia Shtern, Joanna Tam, Kelsey Harrison, Stuart Young.