Welcome.  Pfaelzer Hof Residencies are very pleased to invite you to this art project, a former hotel and home – townscape and woodland nature - site experience. Pfaelzer Hof Residencies operate twofold: as an emergent live event and as individually planned artist’s and writer’s residencies self-initiated or in response to our calls and by invitation. We can also collaborate with you to create a workshop, curate an exhibition or an event specific to your group’s needs and desires. Destination visitors, groups and institutions often book overnight stays through requesting an invitation. We also organize socials, exhibitions and workshops during the year and like to work with you to co-curate events.  Visitors should request an invitation to reserve a place or to attend.



Credits / Picture /Text Copyrights: Amber Burrow-Goldhahn, Lydia Corbett, Kelsey Harrison, Eila Goldhahn, Eberhard Kranemann, Sylvette, Joanna Tam, Stuart Young,